• Richard

To Auckland!

Last month my wife, 2 kids and myself moved from our house in Craigieburn, Victoria, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. My wife grew up in Auckland and wanted to move closer to her family. She also works in cancer research and wants to continue her work here. Being a freelancer I can work from anywhere, so there was no issue with me moving from one home office to another. It is sad to leave my family and friends in Australia but we'll be back there every so often each year. We also have Skype and social media to keep up to date with each other.

Right now I'm looking for local clients. I've started networking by calling and emailing nearby companies that could use my talents, I've given my details to talent and recruitment agencies, and I've let others pass my details around. It is interesting starting all over again, even though I have clients back in Australia, but we're looking for jobs and looking for a house.

If you or anyone you know needs help with their next project then let me know! I'm currently available!

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