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Since moving to Auckland, my freelance work has been a bit light. I know it's normal for things to go quiet, when freelancing, and then heaps of work comes out of no where but for the first time in over a year it's been a lot more lighter than usual. I'd like to think it's a blessing in disguise since we've had to do a lot to resettle here in Auckland (after moving from Melbourne).

One other thing I've been doing, whilst looking for work, is reflecting on what I've done so far in my career and creative endevours. I've also reflected on what I have to show on my CV and in my folio. I feel like I need to show more examples of fresh and more recent designs, both in my illustrations and animations. I was on my iPad Pro and with the app store open I came across these illustrations:

I wish I knew who created them. They look wonderful. I was inspired to try my hand at the same, or a very similar style, with the use of my iPad Pro and Procreate. This is what I made:

On a side note: I love using Procreate on my iPad Pro. I'm so use to using PhotoShop though, so I'm still getting my head around a new set of mechanics when using it but it's a joy to sit on the couch and create illustrations with a range of different brushes. I bought a couple of brush packs for Procreate: Eric Merced's Proinker Brushes Megapack and MaxPacks' The Essentials Maxpack. This year I'm going to try to create illustrations in a broader range of styles.

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